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Founded in 2001, Verge Health is the risk management platform of choice for more than 900 health systems and hospitals nationwide. As an organization, we are dedicated to our clients as evidenced by a 95% retention rate and great feedback from clients who have literally helped create the product road-map and vision for leveraging technology to create meaningful improvements in regard to protecting patients and protecting margins.

As a Charleston SC based software company, we love our city as well as our employees. They choose to work with Verge Health and take part in the team enviroment that we’ve developed that helps us drive continuous improvement. That attitude is based on an interest in delivering the best technology possible and to stay one step head of the game in terms of features and functionality. We take our jobs and our mission very seriously, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have fun. It’s the best of both worlds in one of the most beautiful cities in the country.

Verge Solutions launches a new brand and a new name Verge Health 2.02016
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Dr. Mark Crockett is named CEO of Verge Solutions2016
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Verge leadership team develops strategic vision to meet the changing needs of health systems and providers, propel the company’s growth, and develop the next-generation Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) solution.2015
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Verge acquires Peminic, expanding the company’s product portfolio in the areas of quality, regulatory, and medical-staff management services.2010
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The first Verge employees are hired in Charleston, South Carolina, the company’s permanent headquarters.2006
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After successfully developing a credentialing solution, the Founders saw the relevance to supporting hospital compliance and the VSurvey accreditation solution was born as a 100% web-based/ SaaS alternative to reams of paper and binders.2005
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A healthcare administrator, a businessman, and an IT guru launch Verge based on the objective of supporting healthcare administration and eliminating many of the headaches in regard to credentialing.2001
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Mark Crockett

Mark Crockett

Chief Executive Officer
Chris Malanuk

Chris Malanuk

shannon carter

Shannon Carter

Chief Financial Officer
connie moser

Connie Moser

Chief Operating Officer
james lawson

James Lawson

Chief Solutions Officer
inge garrison photo

Inge Garrison

CNO and Vice President of Client Services
zach novak

Zach Novak

Vice President of Product Management
kevin shaughnessy

Kevin Shaughnessy

Executive Vice President Revenue Services
kristen odum

Kristen Odum

Manager, Client Retention

Danielle Hollingsworth

Director, Credentialing Services
ashley worrall

Ashley Worrall

Director, Field Marketing

Kenneth Slifer

Director, Product Marketing

Rebecca Johnson

Director, Human Resources
tom fink

Tom Fink

Vice President Technology Services
jamie wight

Jamie Wight

Director, Product Engineering
walter page

Walter Page

Director, Integration and BI
Mark Crockett

Dr. Mark Crockett

dave henderson

Dave Henderson

mike healy

Mike Healy

fred morris

Fred Morris

tim chapman

Tim Chapman


Jon Piebenga

pat fry

Pat Fry

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