The Process or state of converging.


Culture of Safety

There are no changes to standards or elements of performance; nor are there changes to TJC’s survey methods. Instead, it’s about improving the survey process. Why? One section from the announcement in TJC’s newsletter stands out: “The Joint Commission urges organizations to establish a safety culture that fosters trust in reporting unsafe conditions to ensure

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Taking on the Hospital C-Suite’s Biggest Woes

The recent HIMSS discussions about improving health outcomes through innovative platforms and tech-enabled workflows—and ACHE’s annual health executive survey detailing the top concerns of the hospital C-Suite—always provide a peek into the mindset of our clients and their peers.

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Three Healthcare Trends Shaping 2018

If the healthcare industry has one constant, it’s change. While new medical technologies and scientific advances will improve patient outcomes and quality of life, forecasters at Verge Health believe that innovation in behind-the-scenes activities (such as patient experience, technology, and risk management) will serve as some of the primary change-drivers of 2018.

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Healthcare Quality Means Safe Care, Zero Harm

As an organization, Verge Health focuses on bringing greater awareness and the tool set necessary to drive healthcare quality. Collectively, the healthcare industry strives to deliver a seamless patient experience that includes improving quality while keeping patients safe. This objective requires transitioning safety from a reactive to a proactive priority.

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Value-Based Healthcare Drives “Left of Bang” Approach for Risk Management and Compliance

In 2007, the Marine Corps deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan had a problem: how to identify an enemy that blended in with the population. They developed a behavioral approach to helping teams sharpen their tactical awareness skills to remain “left of bang,” or to fend off hostile actions before they culminate in the “bang” of conflict. In 2017, healthcare needs to deploy the same approach to managing risk and improving outcomes.

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Top 3 Priorities for Innovative Risk Managers

This week the healthcare industry recognizes the critical role risk managers play in the overall improvement of safety and risk at healthcare organizations. So, naturally, it is also the week to discuss solutions that proactively support adverse event prevention. This year’s theme, Leading Innovation in Risk Management, shines a light on significant contributions being made

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GRC Adoption to Protect Patients and Protect Margins

Healthcare organizations facing anything like a data breach, an infection outbreak, or an accidental death can find it very hard to bounce back. To stay ahead of these problems and to give patients the dignity and respect they deserve when being treated, hospitals and healthcare facilities need to approach governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC)

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