The Converge Platform is a comprehensive, enterprise software solution offering a secure workspace with built-in workflow for high risk and high liability data. With Converge, hospital systems have a cross-functional, proactive surveillance tool that is always on—highlighting issues and supporting a rapid response to any and all events.


The Converge Platform meets the entire needs of quality and safety.

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Patient and
Employee Safety

Delivering a Future-Proof
Event Strategy

A proven enterprise safety solution including end-to-end lifecycle and compliance performance.


  • Event Management
  • Patient Relations
  • Liability Claims
  • Workers Compensation
  • Peer Review

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Organizational Compliance

Comprehensive Compliance is Good Medicine

Supports all accreditation, regulatory and certification requirements,
including processes and remediation.


  • Accreditation and Regulatory
  • Contract Management

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Practitioner Management

Enhanced Credentialing with Practitioner Performance

Offers hospitals an adaptable, integrated turnkey credentialing and privileging solution.


  • Credentialing
  • Peer Review

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Converge Applications

Create a Future-Proof Event Strategy

Adding value to your employee safety process, the modules deliver:

End-to-End LifecycleManages adverse events and near misses from discovery through resolution, including performance improvement

Proactive Quality ImprovementCollects all documentation, investigation, and remediation recommendations; aggregating data and identifying trends and providing organizational leadership with the information necessary to proactively launch quality improvements.

Event ManagementEnables front line staff to record adverse events easily, or near misses ensures appropriate follow-up and empowers patient safety and risk mitigation initiatives.

Patient RelationsEntitles healthcare organizations to expand treating patient grievances as adverse events by including complaints, compliments, and staff engagement, positively impacting HCHAPS scores and enhancing the patient experience.

Liability ClaimsBundles all information associated with a claim or compensatory event preparing the claim for legal action.

Workers CompensationTracks all employee events and facilitates appropriate documentation, investigation, follow-up and financial tracking

Peer ReviewDelivers a comprehensive process from event input through the screening process, driving staff engagement by routing cases to the appropriate stakeholders for screening, review, and approval

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Patient and Employee Safety

Delivering a future-proof event strategy


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Organizational Compliance

For immediate intelligence readiness


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Comprehensive Compliance is Good Medicine

The Organizational Compliance application supports all accreditation, regulatory and certification requirements, including processes and remediation for hospitals, healthcare organizations, and other healthcare facilities. The application delivers.

ValueUpdates continuously through a sophisticated “Learning System” enhanced by client input and Verge Health expertise.

FlexibilitySupports every aspect of accreditation and regulatory standards, enabling proactive compliance.

ScalabilityScales seamlessly, giving health systems the opportunity to build an enterprise process while meeting facility-specific needs and contains two modules.

Accreditation and RegulatoryThe Accreditation and Regulatory module manages all activities enabling survey readiness, insuring continual survey readiness, benefitting patient safety efforts and maintaining a comprehensive knowedgebase.

Contract ManagementThe Contract Management module is designed to help organizations manage contract relationships including
standardization, automated contract routing and reporting tools for comprehensive review and management.

Enhanced Credentialing with Practitioner Performance

The Practitioner Management application pairs service and software to offer adaptable, integrated, turnkey credentialing and privileging which enables healthcare organizations to:

Manages and maintains comprehensive profiles for practitioners and all other clinicians enabling a broad view of credentials and performance.

Delivers a time-saving credentialing workflow, routing profiles through review and enabling medical staff leadership and Credential Committee effectiveness.

Drives practitioner engagement, providing tools for self-maintenance to update information and manage records.

Credentialing Centrally manages practitioner/clinician data and source verifications for efficient evaluation and privileging, integrating platform tools to enable a broader view of practitioner performance and scales to view credentialing and privileging

Features include:

  • Alignment between Medical Executive Committee and National Practioner Database
  • Centralized Data Repository
  • Privilege Search
  • Data Validation, Availability, and Portability
  • Premium Consulting Services

Peer Review Delivers comprehensive review process with inputs from event, patient relations, and various screening process data, driving stakeholder engagement and dramatically decreasing practitioner administrative time.

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Provider and Practitioner Management

Offering a streamlined credentialing process



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