Why Verge Health?

Because we offer the only interdisciplinary, proactive systems approach to integrating safety, risk and quality.


Verge Health empowers more than

900 healthcare organizations

to proactively protect and defend patients,
caregivers and organizations against errors,
adverse events and policy violation in order to
achieve optimal quality and safety results.

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Case Studies

“Verge gives me the opportunity to not only easily develop reporting, but it also creates a sense of awareness that we are united on this journey. I love being able to work with one vendor to develop useful information for our senior leaders. At Trinity we’ve been reactive for years, but ultimately working with the Verge team, my goal is to be proactive and do some predictive modeling with the known and then look at the future in order to keep out of trouble with the CMS conditions of participation.”

Rita Stockman / System Director, Accreditation and Regulatory
Organizational Compliance

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“Verge is very condition driven. You can use it every year, you can do it in a similar way, make sure everyone is prepped; you can assign tasks to different directors or different managers. It helps us sitting at a system level to see exactly which facility has issues. What are the issues? We can ask and also create a plan of correction.”

Ahmad Imran Corporate Director for Performance Improvement and Director of Compliance
Patient & Employee Safety

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“Culture safety scores are almost always positively related to how many times a unit reports a near miss or a good catch. The units that truly have the culture will also have the safety. With Verge Health, we’re learning that where culture goes, safety goes and so does patient experience. If you want to make the patients happy, focus on safety.”

Greg Nobles Pharmacist and Patient Safety Officer
Patient & Employee Safety

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“Verge is a fully integrated system in our organization, which we seriously leverage in every facet because of the direct line between front-line staff through middle management all the way to the C-suite.”

Mandela Echefu / Health Analyst
Organizational Compliance

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“We love Verge at CHS Pineville, not only for the auditing module, but also for compliance. It’s empowered our Chairs to have ownership in Joint Commission standards because they’re responsible for going into the Converge Platform themselves and scoring, it’s not just me, in Accreditation, doing it for them.”

Robin Miller / Accreditation Coordinator
Organizational Compliance

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“Using Verge Health’s accreditation and regulatory platform for surveys has been beneficial because the reports are pushed out to leadership, to nursing, or to direct reports and the directors of environmental services or support services so they can see what is happening in the rounds. That has been really helpful and things get done faster because everyone has the information. It’s been a real help.”

Kathie Rennick Manager for Accreditation and Regulatory Licensing
Organizational Compliance

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“We’re a high reliability organization with a huge safety culture. We rely on our data to help us determine where we’re not being as safe. With Verge Health, our leadership team and work quality teams have information at their fingertips. We can drill down to identify where we’re really not so good, allowing us to continue to strive for zero harm.”

Kathryn Biasotti / Administrative Director of Risk, Legal and System Compliance Officer
Events Management, Patient Relations, Peer Review, Accreditation & Regulatory

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“Verge Health’s service is phenomenal because we do have that one-on-one, personal interaction with our specific ‘help desk’ representative. They’re a phone call away all the time. That is probably the best part about Verge.”

Misty Owen / Accreditation Coordinator
Organizational Compliance

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“The electronic solution was a God-send because as a system, we could look across the whole continuum and see what was going on and compare apples-to-apples. We’ve really leveraged Verge to drive improvements. Having the integrated system where we can have all of the modules speak together is really helpful. We can easily learn from an incident that migrates through RCA then to a claim.”

Tami Waterman / Director of Clinical Risk Management
Patient & Employee Safety, Accreditation & Regulatory

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Partner Feature

“Our organization really looks at ourselves as a boutique in that we are able to customize what we provide to our clients and Verge Health is just such a great partner because they just say, “Yep, we can do that and we’ll figure that out.” That’s the type of flexibility and innovation that we really, really enjoy and appreciate. It’s been a really great relationship.”

Eunice Halverson Patient Safety Specialist
Patient & Employee Safety