Overwhelmed with credentialing?

It must be summer. If your office is like most this time of year, this is your busy season as appointments and reapplications start to pile up.

New medical school graduates are coming onboard, and those numbers could exceed last year’s estimated nearly 19,000 (Association of American Medical Colleges). Add to that an estimated 1.2 million actively practicing physicians (Federation of State Medical Boards). Looking at the numbers and graduation dates, it’s clear summer is the busy season for your Medical Staff Office (MSO).

With so many professionals to account for, appointments and reapplications can start to pile up. Regularly maintaining practitioner files can be difficult due to administrative pitfalls and easily overlooked details; then add a growing stack of to-dos and staff have quite a daunting task.

At Verge Health we help our clients with their administrative to-do lists and give their MSO time to focus on matters of policy. We maintain files to help all clients stay survey-ready with our centralized practitioner management service that streamlines the entire credentialing process from initial file through reappointment.

As an extension of our client’s MSO, Verge Health continually maintains practitioner records to ensure they are always in an audit-ready state to support organizational quality expectations as well as accreditation requirements. Beyond routine maintenance tasks, Verge manages the entire application process to include primary source verification tasks and all associated hospital-specific conditions relating to staff bylaws, policies, and privilege delineation criteria. Advanced workflow technology then drives the electronic review of applications prior to committee meetings for an efficient paper-free process.

Ultimately, Verge Health credentialing clients have the opportunity to transform their entire process with a renewed focus on evaluation and decision-making without the burden of managing content details or chasing down administrative tasks.

By adding Verge Health to your MSO, efficiency and insight are gained and you can breeze through this busy season with ease.

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