Transforming Compliance from Survey-Ready to Patient-Ready: Verge Health, Cleveland Clinic Experts Speak at Cleveland Clinic’s 2018 Patient Experience Summit

June 18-20, 2018 in Cleveland, Ohio

Verge Health, the industry’s leading governance, risk and compliance software company for healthcare, will join Cleveland Clinic patient experience expert Lori Kondas to help guide hospitals and health systems from being merely “survey-ready” to a bolder “patient-ready” approach for compliance efforts. The event is part of Cleveland Clinic’s 9th Annual Patient Experience Summit, June 18-20, in Cleveland.

“The Transformational Shift from Survey-Ready to Patient-Ready” gets underway on June 19 at 10 a.m. Featured speakers are: Lori Kondas, Senior Director, Office of Patient Experience, Cleveland Clinic; Inge Garrison, Chief Nursing Officer, Verge Health; and Connie Moser, Chief Operating Officer, Verge Health.

“Every healthcare organization has the goal of ensuring continuous compliance and staying “survey-ready,” but patient-centric organizations are focusing on staying “patient-ready,” says Inge Garrison. “We are seeing a transformation towards not just continuous compliance, but continuous improvement with organizations shifting their culture from checking a box to understanding the importance of compliance to protect patients.”

According to Garrison, from the moment a patient arrives, the goal is to have every system work correctly with visibility to the right data to ensure outstanding clinical care, impeccable service delivery, and a safe clinical encounter.

The annual Cleveland Clinic event brings together multiple healthcare professions and disciplines engaged in exploring innovative ways to demonstrate empathy and provide value to patients and caregivers throughout their journey of care. The Patient Experience Summit aims to bring caregivers together to network, share best practices and challenge each other to identify new ways to practice.

To learn more about how to bring about the transformation from survey-ready to patient-ready, as well as other topics covered at the summit, visit:

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