Creates a Pathway to Ensure Ongoing High Reliability and Safety Through Governance, Risk and Compliance Strategy Validated by Airline, Nuclear Power and Industries

Verge Health, a healthcare enterprise risk management company, has launched its GRC for Healthcare Maturity Model, a new offering that aims to proactively eliminate medical errors through a comprehensive approach to ongoing, connected management of governance, risk and compliance for hospitals and other healthcare organizations.

The GRC for Healthcare Maturity Model assesses where organizations stand today, where they need to mature and offers the software, analytics, data management and processes to create a true culture of safety. In addition, Verge ensures healthcare providers become and remain high reliability organizations through an ongoing surveillance capability.

Tidelands Health, a long term Verge client deployed the full Converge platform and has achieved “mature” status as a high reliability health system in coastal South Carolina.

“With Verge Health, we’ve learned that where culture goes, safety goes. As does patient experience,” says Greg Nobles Patient Safety Officer with Tidelands Health. “If you want to make the patients happy, focus on safety.”

With more than 900 hospital facilities leveraging Verge solutions, the company intends to close the loop by connecting risk, quality and safety issues through their industry leading software as a service Converge Platform offering.
mark-crockett“Healthcare should be keenly focused on delivering safe, reliable, patient-centered care, but it’s not a given,” says Mark Crockett, MD and chief executive officer of Verge. “The fragmented state of healthcare delivery, along with departments working in isolation from one another, makes issues of governance, risk and compliance difficult. We offer a comprehensive approach to implementing GRC that ensures policies and procedures are consistently applied in individual facilities and across the entire health system to avoid addressing the exact same issues three years down the road.”

A recent study from risk consultancy OCEG surveyed more than 500 organizations using or considering GRC solutions, and found only 10 percent have integrated all their risk management operations across all “organizational silos of operation.” Verge offers a comprehensive approach to implementing GRC so that policies and procedures are consistently applied in individual facilities and across the entire health system. While data integration via the Converge Platform is essential, Verge supports GRC integration with consultative services that include strategic planning, implementation and continual assessments to determine an organization’s progress towards GRC “maturity.”

“Healthcare organizations facing a data breach, an infection outbreak, or accidental death need to be resilient,” says Crockett. “We have the tools and the expertise to help leadership to stay abreast of all issues impacting both patient safety and compliance.”

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